Ragist allows you to meet people and make friends online. Another Ragist user is usually selected at random to be involved in a discussion with you. If you feel uncomfortable with a stranger, you may disconnect and report the conversation.

Adding tags (interests) allows you to find people that have the same tags. Ragist attempts to connect you to people having the same interests you provided. Since Ragist is new, we recommend ignoring the tag system, until the service receives more users.

How is Ragist different from any other chat website (Omegle, etc.)?

- AES-256 bit Encryption for all sent and received data (Including Text and Video).
- No Peer-to-peer (P2P) connections, thus implying IP address anonymity.
- Pure HTML5. No Flash, Java, Silverlight, or other external plugins that make you vulnerable.
- All conversations are unmodified and accurately logged.
- Simple video quality and FPS customization interface.
- No conversation loss, even if the connection is lost. Pages can be reloaded without disconnection from conversation.
- No CAPTCHA. URLs and links are supported.

Initiate conversation:

Meet people with mutual interests! (example: Cats,TrollDog,Ragist)
Notice: Ragist Video works with both Firefox and Chrome.

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Note: Ragist.com is a new service that will require time to grow. Why should you use Ragist.com? Because Ragist protects you. Your connection to our server is encrypted, you will securely be connected to strangers, and the messages you send to strangers cannot be tracked by any third party, your ISP for example. Encountered a disconnection/network problem while in conversation? You will still be connected to the conversation that you are having. You may even refresh the page or close the browser tab and go back to the website again without disconnecting from the conversation. There is absolutely no way of losing conversation unless you or the stranger leave the conversation, so there's no reason to worry! The online user count is accurate and updates almost instantly. Stranger-provided links are supported, so you may share out links that you would like to show to strangers, links are clickable! Ragist.com will never implement any sort of CAPTCHA verification so there's no reason to worry about that. Ragist is currently new and many more features that are planned will be added in the future. Those features include reporting conversations, optional accounts, conversation history, blocking strangers, and more. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us at support@ragist.com.